Eclipse EGO LV1.6 Merkkaimet

Eclipse EGO LV1.6 Merkkaimet

1449,00 €

EGO LV1.6 on ennakkotilaustuote, jonka toimitusaika noin 1-2 viikkoa riippuen tavarantoimittajan varastotilanteesta. Verkkokauppa ei välttämättä näytä oikeaa saldoa tälle tuotteelle.
HUOMIO! Huomaathan, että tämä tuote on tilaustuote, jonka toimitusajan näet yläpuolelta.
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The mother of all Inline Poppet markers is back!

No other marker available on the market offers as many tuning options as the EGO LV1.6.
Change the shooting feel of your EGO LV1.6 with just a small twist of the Dual SFR (Solenoid Flow Restrictor), which is located on the completely newly developed Solenoid, or choose between the light or heavy Zick3 Rammer. In addition, you can change the built-in blade trigger at four points for the perfect feeling.

Inspired by earlier popular EGO models, the design of the EGO LV1.6 convinces with its clear and aggressive milling. The low-rise feedneck, which reduces the overall height of the marker, also finds its place on the EGO LV1.6.

The Cure5 bolt made of Delrin with its built-in soft tip transports the paintballs particularly gently through the extremely light Shaft FL Carbon barrel system. This way even fragile paints can be played.

- High-resolution LCD display
- Patented Lever-Valve Technology
- Two-piece Shaft FL Carbon barrel
- Cure5 Soft Tip Bolt
- Newly developed solenoid
- Robust, tubeless design using Air Transfer Tube
- USB interface
- Fast, tool-free maintenance

What you get:
- Solid aluminium case with zipper
- Planet Eclipse EGO LV1.6
- One Shaft FL Carbon front 14,5"
- One Shaft FL back 0.689
- Planet Eclipse Allen wrench set
- Planet Eclipse Oil, 10ml
- Planet Eclipse barrel sock
- EGO LV1.6 Spare parts set
- Manual, english

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