Specna Arms Aluminum CNC Gearbox V3 QD Shell

Specna Arms Aluminum CNC Gearbox V3 QD Shell

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A reinforced gearbox V3 by 

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Aluminum CNC Gearbox V3 QD Shell 

A reinforced gearbox V3 by Specna Arms. This product was made of aluminum and it is intended for installation in G36 replicas. The shell was adapted for use with 8 mm slide and ball bearings (included in the set). The manufacturer has taken care to reinforce the most vulnerable spots of the construction, which enables its use with more powerful springs.

The quick spring change system enables a rapid and simple adaptation of replica’s power to the conditions that can be encountered on the airsoft battlefield. The adaptation does not require the disassembly of the entire gearbox. The user does not even have to have specialist tools on hand or spend time in a workshop.

The set includes, aside from the frame, a CNC motor cage and a set of assembly screws.

Warning! Gearbox may need to use tools to match it to the replica. 

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