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This carabine are produce in different specification that include civil or military. The lower receiver, the upper receiver, the stock tube, the external barrel, the fire selector, the magazine release button, the trigger , the charging handle and the front and rear sigth are made in aluminium, that made the replica is more realistic. Each model have on the lower receiver a laser marking with a unique serial number.

· 20" external barrel, with a internal barrel 6,03mm diameter
· 12" aluminum handguard with 4 picatinny rails
· aluminum A3 flat top upper receiver
· aluminum lower receiver
· polymer pistol grip
· folding sight set
· magazine 130 rounds
· enhanced trigger guard
· custom safety selector lever
· ambidextrous magazine release
· ambidextrous QD sling mount

Each rifle has a power of 410 fps, which give you a possibility to provide fire on the middle distance.
Inside there is a reinforced ver.2 gearbox, steel gears are mounted on reinforced 8mm bearings.
The spring guide is reinforced (metal) together with the bearing, which makes the spring work easier - 120m / s spring, giving a shot force of about 410 FPS.
Polymer piston has metal teeth and the cylinder - type "0" - was covered with black nickel "SMOKED" on the copper substrate providing perfect smoothness of the surface.
A huge advantage is the silent piston and cylinder head set, made of aluminum and covered with a blue anode,the piston head has bearing.
The replica has a powerful engine with increased torque equipped with neodymium magnets.
The way how gearbox is functioning will surprise a user.

The most important think, is that all accessories from other brand are compatible with this model, this influence on the longevity of your replica and on upgrade part and performance.

Set included:
· Mk 12 Mod 1 replica
· 130rd magazine
· 9,6V 1200 mAh battery
· battery charger

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