Eclipse GTek 180R Predator Camo
Eclipse GTek 180R Predator Camo
Eclipse GTek 180R Predator Camo
Eclipse GTek 180R Predator Camo

Eclipse GTek 180R Predator Camo

Planet Eclipse

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Eclipse GTek 180R Predator Camo

The GTEK 180R is specifically designed for players with high ambitions who aspire to become champions on the field one day.

The GTEK 180R features a completely revamped bolt system, which is like the bolt of the CS3 and is called the OP-R Core. Like the CS3, the bolt provides top-notch performance. A lowered operating pressure of 120 PSI ensures efficient and precise shots.

But that's not all. The GTEK 180R also comes with a Shaft S63 barrel system specially adapted for the GTEK. It works with the well-known PWR inserts available in all major sizes to ensure that every paintball flies perfectly, allowing you to dominate the game. As expected from Planet Eclipse, the developers always think one step ahead. Behind the redesigned Quick-Change grips of the GTEK180R, you'll find the latest version of the MME-Boards (Modular Marker Electronics Package). The modular sandwich construction of the board allows you to replace parts of the board. If a part of the board needs to be renewed, this is more cost-effective than replacing the entire board. This is sustainable, service friendly. - Planet Eclipse - Always on the player's side

• OP-R Core Drivetrain
• Quick-Release Bolt Mechanism
• 120PSI Operating Pressure
• Blade Trigger Shoe (Removable)
• 4-Point Trigger Adjustability
• Light Pipe Break Beam Breech Sensor System
• SL6 Inline Regulator
• S63 14.5" Three-Piece Barrel w/0.689” PWR-Insert
• Next Gen MME Electronics Package
• OLED Graphical User Interface
• Self-Locating Low-Rise Feedneck
• Toolless Battery Access
• Weight 862g

Included in delivery:
• Fabric-covered aluminium case with zip
• Planet Eclipse GTEK 180R
• Shaft S63 barrel front part 14,5"
• Shaft S63 barrel back
• S63 PWR insert in .689
• Planet Eclipse Tool Tube Hex Key Set
• Planet Eclipse Grease, 10ml
• Planet Eclipse barrel sock
• GTEK 180R spare parts set
• GTEK 180R manual

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