Empire SYX 1.5 Dust Silver / Dust Blue
Empire SYX 1.5 Dust Silver / Dust Blue

Empire SYX 1.5 Dust Silver / Dust Blue

Empire Paintball

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Empire SYX 1.5 + Spire 260 Paketti ALE!

Empire SYX 1.5 + Spire 260 Paketti
Empire Paintball

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*These Markers in New Colors now include 3 Barrel Backs (.680 | .685| .688)

Empire is proud to announce SYX, the newest entry in the AXE series of markers. Based on the AXE platform but totally redesigned, this 6th generation offers a streamlined new look and features a revised engine for the ultimate in performance, ergonomics and durability.

The new clean design is both graceful and comfortable with full-wrapping rubber grips for total control and an in-grip regulator. Internals include a dual button navigation multi-function OLED board. Super easy to service with tool-less bolt removal and battery door foregrip and standard O-rings for even simpler maintenance.

Rounding out the performance is a micro-honed 2-piece aluminum barrel system with a 7.5inch control bore for peak accuracy. The SYX ticks off all the boxes where beauty, balance and technology come seamlessly together making this marker a must-have!


  • Revised engine for enhanced performance and durability
  • All new, in-grip Regulator mated to a new ASA
  • Tool-less battery door located in front fore-grip
  • Dual-density, non-slip full-wrap rubber grips
  • Fluid design unbroken by external screws
  • Multi-function Redline OLED board with 2-button navigation
  • Quick, tool-free bolt removal for easy maintenance
  • Accurate, micro-honed 2-piece aluminum barrel with 7.5” control bore
  • Break beam, anti-chop Laser Eyes prevents barrel breaks
  • Low pressure operation that is gentle on fragile paint
  • Standardized O-rings for further simplified maintenance
  • EVA protective and functional marker case

1.5 Updates Include:

  • Revised Board and Brighter Display for sunny days
  • New ASA Lever, Pin and 2mm x 11.5mm O-Ring
  • Tighter Battery Housing
  • New Bolt Guide

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