GI SPORTZ 3 STAR, 2000 kpl
GI SPORTZ 3 STAR, 2000 kpl

GI SPORTZ 3 STAR, 2000 kpl

GI Sportz

49,95 €

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Värikuula vaativalle harrastajalle.

Metallinhohtoinen 2-värinen kuori kirkkaalla maalilla ja helposti kohteesen hajoavalla kuorella on voittajan valinta.

GI Sportz Paintballs - 3 Star

GI Sportz Paintballs designed with impeccable quality. High break ability combined with a "hard to wipe" bright fill gives users excellent splat coverage on impact. Able to withstand the highest rates of fire and varying climatic conditions with extreme accuracy GI Sportz Paintballs are the choice of champions.

Dual Color Metallic Shell for competitive brittleness and increased visibility.

Printed flat shells for foliage penetration and hard-to-see trajectory.

Bright, broad marking BIO FILL Pro formula combined with increased
  accuracy and brittleness providing a Competitive Edge.

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