RWA 7.4V 1300mAh (20C) PEQ LiPo Akku, DEANS

RWA 7.4V 1300mAh (20C) PEQ LiPo Akku, DEANS

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RWA likes nothing more than to push beyond the current bar setters and make something of even better quality and the 7.4V or 11.1V batteries will surely do the job. They can be used in airsoft aegs, RC cars and plays as well as transmitters. Make sure the compartment space is large enough if you're thinking of placing them in between the outer barrel and handguard.

The batteries come in forms of Deans or Small Tamiya.

7.4v - L: 67mm, W: 40mm, D:10mm


  • Always use approved charger
  • Never throw battery into water or keep it in a damp environment
  • Never charge, place dispose and warm up battery near a heater, fire or any heat source
  • Never connect the battery to wall plug or cigarette lighter plug inside a vehicle
  • Battery should be stored/shipped free of any conductive materials, including necklace, hairpin, etc.
  • Never throw the battery against hard surfaces or use hard/sharp object to penetrate battery.


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