Valken Razorback Paketti
Valken Razorback Paketti

Valken Razorback Paketti

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Paketin tuotteet:
1 Valken Razorback Paintball Merkkain - Musta
1 Valken MI-3 Goggle Single Field - musta
1 VolcAno 0.8L 200BAR Paineilmapullo HP Regulaattorilla (v21)
1 Sissos Tank Cover 0.8L/48ci/20 oz Camo
1 Paineilmapullon Täyttö 0,2-2L Pullolle
1 Valken MAX+ 200 Round Loader - Black
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The Valken Razorback is the ultimate in affordable paintball firepower! An updated, modernized take on the simple and reliable stacked-tube blowback semi-automatic paintball gun, the Razorback boasts features and performance at a price ANY paintball player can afford! Compact and lightweight, the Razorback is built around an aluminum receiver and boasts rugged stainless steel components for increased durability, plus a low-friction finish on moving parts to dramatically improve reliability and service life over any comparable paintball gun! The beating heart of the Razorback paintball gun includes a quick-pull Delrin self-lubricating bolt for reduced maintenance and quick cleaning, premium o-rings for extended service life and a patent-pending Self-Centering cup seal to improve consistency, reliability and all-around performance! Other standard features of the Valken Razorback include a clamping, vertical feed neck to hold on to any hopper, a double trigger for increased rates of fire, a ported aluminum barrel, simple rear velocity adjuster, a bottom line bottle adapter and the ability to function efficiently on CO2 or compressed air! For affordable paintball gun firepower, don’t settle for a plastic paintball gun when you can enjoy the trustworthy performance and rugged reliability of the Valken Razorback!

  • Lightweight, compact and affordable paintball gun
  • Simple, easy to use and maintain!
  • Mechanical semi-automatic action - no batteries required!
  • Aluminum receiver/body & stainless steel components for reliability
  • New Patent-Pending Self-Centering Cup Seal for improved consistency & reliability
  • Vertical, clamping feed neck to keep any hopper secure and reduce feed issues
  • Quick-pull self-lubricating bolt for quick, easy maintenance & cleaning
  • Double trigger for higher rates of fire
  • Simple rear velocity adjustment
  • Compatible with CO2 or Compressed Air!
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