Virtue VIO Contour Goggle Blk Sapphire
Virtue VIO Contour Goggle Blk Sapphire

Virtue VIO Contour Goggle Blk Sapphire

159,95 €

Virtue Vio maski on suunniteltu kustomoitavaksi käyttäjän maun mukaan.
Kasvosuoja, korvasuojat, maskinauha ja linssi ovat helposti vaihdettavissa tarjoten käyttäjälleen tuhansia eri värivaihtoehtoja.

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The Virtue VIO Contour™ is the most comfortable paintball mask ever designed, featuring a quick change, fog resistant thermal lens, and an innovative versatile design that allows the player to easily change out every aspect of the goggle – from the face mask to the foam, ear pads, goggle strap, and lens.

  • What makes the VIO better?

  • See More - With a large field of View
  • Better Comfort - Soft dual layer foams
  • Breathe Easier - With maximum airflow
  • Hear Clearer - No echoing
  • Speak Louder - With more venting
  • Most Customizable - Goggle Ever

Improved Visibility & Quick Change Lens

The VIO’s large thermal lens offers the best field of view and can be removed and replaced in seconds thanks to the integrated Hinge Lock™.

Streamlined with better protection

The VIO’s lightweight, streamlined profile design keeps the goggle compact and while increasing protection of the ears, face and chin.

Breathe, Ventilate, and Talk Easier

Breathe easier and vent condensation faster than ever with the massive airflow throughout the entire face mask.

Customize Your VIO

With a removable face mask, goggle strap, ear pads, and lens the VIO is available in thousands of customizable configurations.

  • Superior Optical Clarity

  • Quick Change Lens
  • Large Field of View
  • Distortion Free Optical Clarity
  • 100% UV Protection
  • Hard Scratch-Resistant Coating
  • Anti-Reflective Coating
  • Anti-fog Hydrophobic Coating
  • Dual Pane Thermal Lens
  • Advanced Chromatic Lenses: Multi-layer, scratch resistant chromatic coatings increase eye comfort without affecting color appearance.

  1. 1. Quick Change Thermal Lens: The VIO is equipped with a large lens, which provides a wide field of view. The dual thermal pane prevents fogging, while the anti-scratch coatings prolong the life of the lens. Most important of all, the lens can be changed in seconds to the Smoke, High Contrast or advanced Chromatic lenses.
  2. 2. Lens Frame: The VIO Lens Frame is available in many different colors, which acts as a base color to accent thousands of different color configurations.
  3. 3. Face Mask: The removable VIO Face Mask is made of flexible elastomer, allowing the mask to be tightly streamlined without sacrificing any protection. The lower Mask is interchangeable and upgradeable, with dozens of different choices to choose from.
  4. 4. Removable Eye Foam Insert: The VIO’s Eye Foam is removable, and clips into place. Wash the foam regularly to maintain a “like new” feeling or simply snap in a new set of foam if you want your VIO to feel like it did on day one.
  5. 5. Hinge Lock™ Lens Clips: The Hinge Lock Lens Clips allow the VIO to have the easiest and fastest lens removal in paintball. Simply unplug the Goggle Strap to unlock the Hinge, then rotate the Hinge Lock inward to remove the lens.
  6. 6. Removable Goggle Strap: The VIO Goggle Strap is removable for easy upgradeability. A variety of replacement straps, as well as team and personal customization programs are available to further customize your VIO.
  7. 7. Removable 3D Soft Foam Ear Pads: The Soft Foam Ear pads allow sound to pass through while still providing soft, comfortable protection to your ears. The ear pads are also upgradeable with custom patterns that snap into place.
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